The International Society for the History of Medicine

The British Society for the History of Medicine represents the United Kingdom in the International Society for the History of Medicine (ISHM).

The ISHM has direct individual membership, and members receive the journal Vesalius.

Subscription to Vesalius and consequently, membership of the ISHM for those under 30 and over 70 is £17.50 and for all the others £35.

Subscription cheques should be made payable to the British Society for the History of Medicine. Please contact the BSHM’s National Delegate to the International Society at for details of where the cheque should be posted to.

If subscribing please also see the membership page of the ISHM website, and fill in the online form linked from it.
All other correspondence for the International Society should be addressed to
Prof. Dana BARAN
ISHM General Secretary
Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences
Faculty of Medicine, “Gr.T.Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Str. Universitatii, nr.16
E-Mail :

The International Society has a useful worldwide calendar of meetings containing a variety of meetings of interest to medical historians.

ISHM International Congress and meetings
An international congress is held every two years, and an international meeting in the years between congresses.
The 2016 Congress was held in Buenos Aires from 5th-9th September. For details click here.
The 2017 Meeting is to take place in Beijing, China from 6th-11th Sept 2017.