Past Lectures

The past Poynter lectures are listed below:

17th Poynter Lecture, 12th October 2016
“Finding patients in the Medical Museum”
Lecturer: Dr Sam Alberti

16th Poynter Lecture, 15th October 2014
“Preaching, Politics and Philanthropy: The Quakers in Pharmacy 1650 to 1900”
Lecturer: Dr Stuart Anderson

15th Poynter Lecture, 21st March 2012
“Shocking Bodies”
Lecturer: Dr Iwan Rhys Morus

14th Poynter Lecture, 24th March 2010
“The ethics and etiquette of patient care in the Georgian era”
Lecturer: Dr Ruth Richardson

13th Poynter Lecture, 26th March 2008
“Leonardo’s Philosophical Anatomies”
Lecturer: Professor Martin Kemp

12th Poynter Lecture, 14th March 2006
“Remedies from our natural flora: piecing together an under-related tradition”
Lecturer: Dr. David E. Allen

11th Poynter Lecture, 7th April 2004
“Experimental Lives; Medicine and the Lunar Society”
Lecturer: Jenny Uglow OBE

10th Poynter Lecture, 8th May 2002
“For love or money? Amateurs and professionals as
historians of modern medicine”
Lecturer: Dr Tilli Tansey

9th Poynter Lecture, 10th May 2000
“Does a ‘National’ Health Service make ‘Regional’ History
Lecturer: Professor John Pickstone

8th Poynter Lecture, 11th May 1998
“Government, Charities and the fundraising of Medical
research 1948-1998”
Lecturer: Dr Bridget Ogilvie

7th Poynter Lecture, 28th June 1996
“The Olympic Cult of Health, Baron Coubertin and the
Neurasthenic Nineties”
Lecturer: Professor Michael Biddiss

6th Poynter Lecture, 23rd May 1994
“Knives and Bodies in Scottish heraldry”
Lecturer: Charles C Burnett KStJ

5th Poynter Lecture, 25th Nov 1992
“Caterpillars in Commonwealth Anglo-European Medical
relations in the Sixteenth century”
Lecturer: Dr Vivian Nutton

4th Poynter Lecture, 20th June 1990
“Some Irish Medical Humanists”
Lecturer: Professor Jack Lyons

3rd Poynter Lecture, Wednesday 20th May 1987
“The role of the microscope in the development of medicine”
Lecturer: Dr Brian Bracegirdle

2nd Poynter Lecture,  30th May 1985
“Leonardo on natural mathematics”
Lecturer: Dr. Kenneth Keele

1st Poynter Lecture, 27th September 1983
“The first Poynter Lecture”
Lecturer: Mrs Dodie Poynter