Principal Aim of the BSHM

Our principal aim is to support organisations and individuals in the UK interested in all aspects of the history of medicine.

Our Key Objectives

  1. To promote the involvement and activities of our affiliated medical history organisations.

  2. To provide opportunities for our members to present original research, share their ideas, and make new contacts.

  3. To encourage the study and teaching of the history of medicine and public engagement.

  4. To encourage links and collaboration with allied disciplines and organisations.

  5. To co-operate with national and international bodies where appropriate to further the society’s aims.

How the BSHM achieves its objectives

  1. We use our website to provide links to affiliated organisations, carry announcements of events, and report news of developments.

  2. We organise a biennial Congress at which members can meet and present oral and poster presentations to a diverse audience.

  3. We sponsors the biennial Poynter Lecture, which is open to the general public, and is made widely available online.

  4. We promote and support meetings in collaboration with bodies sharing interests in research, education and public engagement.

  5. We act as the UK representative of the International Society for the History of Medicine.

The BSHM’s initiatives

  1. To promote the activities of affiliated organisations via the BSHM website and newsletter, and through joint events.

  2. To provide opportunities for members to share their research interests and findings by providing a platform for communication and publication.

  3. To encourage study, teaching and public engagement by developing an education strategy, involving students and early career scholars, and widening public access to BSHM lectures.

  4. To collaborate with allied disciplines and organisations in holding meetings, symposia and workshops.

  5. To co-operate with national and international bodies in the interests of BSHM members.