The British Society for the History of Medicine Biennial Congress
Wednesday 15th – Saturday 18th September 2021
The University of Sheffield

Key themes were the History of Medicine in the Workplace, Pandemics, Nursing and Innovation in Medical Engineering.



Thursday 16th September

Theme: The History of Medicine in the Workplace

  • John Dornan – The Growth of the Sheffield Steel and Cutlery Industry and the Development of Occupational Diseases.

  • Chris Corker – ‘The Dirty, the Idle, the Drunken and the Disorderly’: People, Public Health, Politics and Philanthropy in 19th Century Sheffield.

  • Joan Gaunt – Disease, Accident and Disaster in Coal Mines and the Mines Inspectorate.

Friday 17th September

Theme: The History of Pandemics

  • Mark Honigsbaum – Imagining Pandemics Now … and Then: A Century of Medical Failure.

Theme: The History of Nursing

  • Christine Hallett – The Art of Nursing: A History of Contradictions.

Saturday 18th September

Theme: The History of Innovation in Medical Engineering

  • Liz Beckmann – The CT Scanner: One of the Greatest Medical Engineering Developments of the 20th Century.

  • Sean Hughes – The Mechanics of Science: How Orthopaedics and Engineering go Step in Step.