History of Infection – Image Database

From Dr. William Dibb, Consultant Microbiologist, Ireland / UK     dr.dibb@gmail.com

Please find a link to my Dropbox folder that will give you access to my scanned collection of many hundreds of Infection related items. These include stamps, letters, postcards, autographs.

As a clinical microbiologist, I have always had an interest in the History of Infection and even in my lifetime have witnessed dramatic events such as the rise and fall of antibiotics, the HIV pandemic and problematic hospital bugs such as MRSA that represent history in development. The ‘beauty’ of Infection, as opposed to many chronic medical conditions is that things change quickly and new microbes and infectious diseases constantly create new problems, sometimes with profound social consequences.

I have collected Infection-related items for many years, largely acquiring them at auctions including Ebay. It is a pity that they are all hidden away in a filing cabinet and I have therefore scanned and briefly described them which was quite a time consuming job.

You can download the folder and then search for any particular subject that may interest you, for example: smallpox or Pasteur or Fleming or influenza. The images are all numbered and watermarked with my email address, but if you email me with the reference number and a brief explanation as to why you need the image, I am happy to send you a clear image for research purposes.

I do hope that they are of interest and use to you all.

Here is the link:      https://www.dropbox.com/l/sh/7cuJop1LwIMgruknwcNdkp

Bill Dibb

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