Master of Medical History of the Society of Apothecaries (MMHSA)


The Society of Apothecaries is planning to offer to a limited number of applicants each year the opportunity to work towards a Research Masters, namely Master of Medical History of the Society of Apothecaries (MMHSA). There is much still to be considered but the submission would consist of a dissertation and presentation of the subject at a lecture. Most Masters are university-based but there is a precedent at the Apothecaries for the award of a Masters and it is planned that this one would be at least equal to the standards at university and likely would exceed that, such that it would be a really worthwhile qualification. As always, it is the journey towards the qualification that is of most importance. Standard-setting would require outside involvement too but there are national standards for standard setting and for transfer of credits. It is likely the DHMSA would be one entry point but equivalent prior work might qualify too. There is still a lot to be sorted out but at this stage expressions of interest are being sought in order to compile a list of those who seriously might be interested. Please email if you think you might be interested since this would be another development within the educational programme that is such an important part of the Society of Apothecaries’ work and the various courses do attract enthusiastic participants from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. It is a pleasure to be associated with this in directing the medical history courses.

Christopher Gardner-Thorpe    MD FRCP FRCPE FACP, History Courses Director, Society of Apothecaries, London

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