Mystery Object 2


Peter Homan (past president of the BSHM) has sent us a photo of another item from the Victorian sick room.

What is it? What was it used for?  How was it used?

The answers will appear as a comment on this Blog in early August

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  1. This looks like a type of Bunsen burner which perhaps used methylated spirits. This would have been used to heat the contents of the metal cup. Presumably used in the preparation of a drug/ medicine. Looks like a rather elaborate device. Does the metal frame serve as a handle for carrying?

  2. Peter Homan gives the answer:
    This is a Vapo-Cresoline. An aromatic/antiseptic volatile liquid called Cresoline was poured into the small tray on top and the burner lit. Aromatic fumes would be released into the room. It was advertised for the treatment of Whooping Cough, Spasmodic Croup, Bronchial Asthma, Hay Fever etc. It was also used for respiratory problems in animals.

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