The 2022 Poynter Lecture
When Unexpected Survivors become Trustees of Each Other
Dr Emily Mayhew

The 2020 Poynter Lecture
“The great Republic of Medicine knows and has known no national boundaries” – William Osler, the great medical internationalist
Dr John W Ward

The 2018 Poynter Lecture
The Doctor as Collector
Dr Simon Chaplin


The 2016 Poynter Lecture
Finding Patients in the Medical Museum
Dr Sam Alberti

The past Poynter lectures are listed below:

20th Poynter Lecture, 30th September 2022
“When Unexpected Survivors become Trustees of Each Other”
Lecturer: Dr Emily Mayhew

19th Poynter Lecture, 1st October 2020
“The great Republic of Medicine knows and has known no national boundaries” – William Osler, the great medical internationalist
Lecturer: Dr John W Ward

18th Poynter Lecture, 11th June 2018
“The Doctor as Collector”
Lecturer: Dr Simon Chaplin

17th Poynter Lecture, 12th October 2016
“Finding patients in the Medical Museum”
Lecturer: Dr Sam Alberti

16th Poynter Lecture, 15th October 2014
“Preaching, Politics and Philanthropy: The Quakers in Pharmacy 1650 to 1900”
Lecturer: Dr Stuart Anderson

15th Poynter Lecture, 21st March 2012
“Shocking Bodies”
Lecturer: Dr Iwan Rhys Morus

14th Poynter Lecture, 24th March 2010
“The ethics and etiquette of patient care in the Georgian era”
Lecturer: Dr Ruth Richardson

13th Poynter Lecture, 26th March 2008
“Leonardo’s Philosophical Anatomies”
Lecturer: Professor Martin Kemp

12th Poynter Lecture, 14th March 2006
“Remedies from our natural flora: piecing together an under-related tradition”
Lecturer: Dr. David E. Allen

11th Poynter Lecture, 7th April 2004
“Experimental Lives; Medicine and the Lunar Society”
Lecturer: Jenny Uglow OBE

10th Poynter Lecture, 8th May 2002
“For love or money? Amateurs and professionals as
historians of modern medicine”
Lecturer: Dr Tilli Tansey

9th Poynter Lecture, 10th May 2000
“Does a ‘National’ Health Service make ‘Regional’ History
Lecturer: Professor John Pickstone

8th Poynter Lecture, 11th May 1998
“Government, Charities and the fundraising of Medical
research 1948-1998”
Lecturer: Dr Bridget Ogilvie

7th Poynter Lecture, 28th June 1996
“The Olympic Cult of Health, Baron Coubertin and the
Neurasthenic Nineties”
Lecturer: Professor Michael Biddiss

6th Poynter Lecture, 23rd May 1994
“Knives and Bodies in Scottish heraldry”
Lecturer: Charles C Burnett KStJ

5th Poynter Lecture, 25th Nov 1992
“Caterpillars in Commonwealth Anglo-European Medical
relations in the Sixteenth century”
Lecturer: Dr Vivian Nutton

4th Poynter Lecture, 20th June 1990
“Some Irish Medical Humanists”
Lecturer: Professor Jack Lyons

3rd Poynter Lecture, Wednesday 20th May 1987
“The role of the microscope in the development of medicine”
Lecturer: Dr Brian Bracegirdle

2nd Poynter Lecture,  30th May 1985
“Leonardo on natural mathematics”
Lecturer: Dr. Kenneth Keele

1st Poynter Lecture, 27th September 1983
“The first Poynter Lecture”
Lecturer: Mrs Dodie Poynter