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Topics in the History of Medicine (THoM) follows the ‘Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing’ of the Committee on Publication Ethics, the Directory of Open Access Journals, the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association and the World Association of Medical Editors.


Editorial Policies

Editorial review

Invited submissions will be reviewed initially by the relevant Guest Editor. At this stage manuscripts may be rejected without peer review if they fail to meet the criteria for publication in THoM or else returned to the author(s) for revision and re-submission.
Only manuscripts that are deemed of sufficient quality, meet the aims and scope of THoM and are supplied in the correct format will be considered for peer review.

Peer review

THoM operates a double-blind peer review system in which communication between authors and reviewers is anonymised and managed by the Editorial Team. Based on the referees’ reports, and the Editors’ judgment, decisions on approval, rejection or revision will be issued to authors.
A paper may be accepted with no or minimal changes. Alternatively, a paper may require more substantial changes, reflecting the referees’ comments and guidance from the Editors, and resubmission before it can be accepted. Finally, a paper can be rejected outright.

Production process

Papers accepted for publication will be edited for language, spelling, clarity, style, and internal inconsistencies. The Editors may propose further changes in consultation with the corresponding author.
PDF proofs will be sent to the corresponding author who is responsible for circulating them to any other author(s) and collating all amendments. Only minor corrections can be considered at this stage and proofs should be returned promptly.
Authors are reminded to check their proofs carefully to confirm that all author information, including names, affiliations and contact details are correct, and that funding statements, if any, are accurate.
The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to make the final decision regarding publication and to make amendments to the text considered necessary to match the scope, style, and editorial requirements of the journal.


Publication Policies

Conditions of submission

Manuscripts can only be considered for publication if:
  • you are submitting your own original work,
  • you are exclusively submitting the work for publication in THoM and that it does not duplicate any previously published work, including your own, in whole or in part, including in another language, except in the form of an abstract, or as part of a published lecture, or an academic thesis,
  • it is not being considered, peer reviewed or accepted for publication by any other journal,
  • it does not contain anything abusive, defamatory, libelous, obscene, fraudulent, or illegal, and
  • consent has been given by all contributing authors with the tacit or explicit approval of any relevant organisation where the work was carried out.
Violation of these principles may lead to retraction of the published paper from the journal and other actions as deemed necessary by the Editor.


Listed authors
To be listed as an author, an individual should have made a substantial contribution to researching and writing the paper, that is in the conception, design, and execution of the study, drafting and revising of the manuscript, and approval of submission.
Contributors who do not meet the criteria for authorship should be included in the Acknowledgements section.
Changes to authorship
Once a paper has been submitted, changes of authorship will not be allowed without further information regarding the reason for the change and the agreement in writing of all authors involved. Change of authorship will not be permitted once a paper has been published.
Corresponding author
The corresponding author takes primary responsibility for communication with the journal’s Editors during the submission, peer review, and publication process and should be the only author to correspond with the journal team.


If author(s) wish to reproduce materials for which they do not own copyright, including lengthy quotations, tables, figures or illustrations, they must obtain, and supply on request, all necessary permissions from the copyright-holder(s).

Ethical guidelines

Authors should observe high standards with respect to best practice in publication to avoid:
  • falsification or fabrication of data,
  • plagiarism (including duplicate publication of the author(s)’ own work without proper citation), and
  • misappropriation of others’ work.
Manuscripts will be rejected if found to have been substantially compiled from previously published works by the same or other author(s). All inclusions of work from elsewhere should be clearly identified as such and referenced.
Cases of ethical or publication malpractice will be dealt with in accordance with the Committee on Publication Ethics guidelines.

Open Access

All papers published in THoM are made freely available immediately on publication under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) licence which allows unrestricted re-distribution in any medium or format for non-commercial purposes provided the original work is properly credited.

Paper processing charges

THoM does not levy charges for manuscript submission, processing or publication.


30 September 2022


For further instructions for authors please consult the dedicated webpage on Manuscript Preparation.


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