Topics in the History of Medicine – Volume 1

ISSN 2753-9695


History of Medicine at Sea


A New History of Medicine Journal

Mike Collins & Christopher Gardner-Thorpe

Keywords: History of medicine, new journal, British Society for the History of Medicine, BSHM
THoM 2021; 1: 1-2.  PDF


Who Really Owns the History of Medicine?

Hilary Morris

Keywords: History of medicine, new journal, scholarly excellence, diverse backgrounds, common goal, collaboration
THoM 2021; 1: 3-5.  PDF


John Woodall (1570-1643) of the East India Company

Christopher J Duffin

Keywords: John Woodall, East India Company, surgeon’s chest, trephine, Paracelsianism
THoM 2021; 1: 6-24.  PDF


A Family Skeleton? Solving the Mystery of a Naval Surgeon on the Franklin Expedition

Iain Macintyre

Keywords: Harry Goodsir, surgeon, naturalist, Franklin Expedition, skeletal remains
THoM 2021; 1: 25-38.  PDF


The Royal Navy’s Response to an Epidemic of Cerebrospinal Fever during World War One

Edward J Wawrzynczak

Keywords: Royal Navy, cerebrospinal fever, meningitis, epidemic, serum therapy, World War One
THoM 2021; 1: 39-69.  PDF


George Kenneth Tutton (1913-1992) and Mobile Neurosurgical Units during World War Two

Lois M Tutton

Keywords: George Kenneth Tutton, Mobile Neurosurgical Units, North African Campaign, Italian Campaign, World War Two
THoM 2021; 1: 70-88.  PDF


Dominique Larrey (1766-1842) and Resuscitation of those Apparently Drowned on Military Campaigns

John Pearn

Keywords: Dominique Larrey, resuscitation, apparently drowned, military campaigns
THoM 2021; 1: 89-97.  PDF


Introducing Chemical Fumigation in the French and British Navies in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries: A Comparative Approach

Mathilde Martinais

Keywords: Fumigation, navies, mineral acids, vapours, Louis-Bernard Guyton-Morveau, James Carmichael Smyth
THoM 2021; 1: 98-110.  PDF



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