Topics in the History of Medicine – Volume 2

ISSN 2753-9695




New Models for Enabling Member Recruitment and Retention?

Michael JC Davidson

Keywords: Membership, recruitment and retention, engagement, electronic communication
THoM 2022; 2: 1-4.  PDF


Producing the ‘Difficult Second Album’

William Parker

Keywords: Occupational medicine, medical publishing, pandemics
THoM 2022; 2: 5-7.  PDF


Pandemics in Perspective

Marina Morgan

Keywords: COVID-19, pandemics, plague, immunotherapy
THoM 2022; 2: 8-13.  PDF



History of Medicine in the Workplace

Mike Collins

Keywords: History of medicine, workplace, Sheffield, Grinders’ asthma, friendly societies, hearing loss
THoM 2022; 2: 14-16.  PDF


History of Pandemics


Dr Jean-Baptiste Bertrand’s Account of the Marseille Plague of 1720

Lisetta Lovett

Keywords: Jean-Baptiste Bertrand, Marseille, plague, eighteenth century, medical theories
THoM 2022; 2: 17-37.  PDF


The Origins and Evolution of the Surgical Mask: A British Perspective

Bryan Rhodes

Keywords: Surgical mask, hood, asepsis, sterile, reusable, operating theatre
THoM 2022; 2: 38-53.  PDF


Miasmas, Rhetoric and the British Public Health Response to the 1918-20 Influenza Pandemic

Martin Edwards

Keywords: Miasma theory, pandemic, influenza, public health, rhetoric
THoM 2022; 2: 54-65.  PDF


Convalescent Plasma Treatment in a Pandemic: An Historical Perspective

Edward J Wawrzynczak

Keywords: Convalescent, serum, plasma, pandemic, COVID-19, coronavirus
THoM 2022; 2: 66-88.  PDF


History of Medicine in the Workplace


Welfare versus Professionalism – the Controversial Relationship between Friendly Societies and the Medical Profession in Nineteenth-century Britain

Hilary S Morris

Keywords: Friendly societies, mutual aid, welfare, doctors, medical officers, working classes
THoM 2022; 2: 89-101.  PDF


A Review of the History of Grinders’ Asthma in Sheffield

Derek R Cullen

Keywords: Grinders’ asthma, silicosis, Sheffield, cutlery industry, nineteenth century, statistics
THoM 2022; 2: 102-113.  PDF


Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in the United Kingdom: A Preventable Occupational Disease of the Industrial Revolution

Andrew J Parker and Josephine HE Parker

Keywords: Noise-induced hearing loss, occupational disease, sensorineural hearing loss, pure tone audiometry
THoM 2022; 2: 114-128.  PDF



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