Topics in the History of Medicine – Volume 3

ISSN 2753-9695


History of Military Medicine


Three Bags Full

Edward J Wawrzynczak and Christopher Gardner-Thorpe

THoM 2023; 3: 1-2. PDF


Inspiration from our Heritage

David Vassallo

THoM 2023; 3: 3-8. PDF


The Evolution of Military Surgery during the French Wars, 1793-1815

Michael KH Crumplin

THoM 2023; 3: 9-46. PDF


Daily Medical Care in the British Army during the Crimean War, 1854-56

Mike Hinton

THoM 2023; 3: 47-62. PDF


Walter Calverley Beevor, the Tirah Campaign and the Origins of Military Radiology

Adrian MK Thomas

THoM 2023; 3: 63-76. PDF


Weapons, Injuries and Casualty Care during the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902

Daniel Dry, Adam M Taylor and Quenton Wessels

THoM 2023; 3: 77-91. PDF


The Medical Services in the Mesopotamian Campaign from 1914 to 1915: A Study in Dysfunctionality

Soundararajan Jagdish

THoM 2023; 3: 92-119. PDF


An Army Doctor’s Account of Malaria Prevention during the 1914-18 War

Simon Miller

THoM 2023; 3: 120-132. PDF


Management of Wounds Sustained by British Forces on the Western Front, 1914-18

Tom Scotland

THoM 2023; 3: 133-156. PDF


Fighting the Unseen Foe: Tetanus, Anti-tetanus Serum and the Royal Army Medical Corps in World War I

Edward J Wawrzynczak

THoM 2023; 3: 157-185. PDF


Sir Charles Ballance Removes a Bullet from the Heart: An Audacious Venture

Alexander Manché

THoM 2023; 3: 186-207. PDF


The Impact of World War 2 on the Development of Neurosurgery as a Specialty in Britain

Antony Hollingworth

THoM 2023; 3: 208-221. PDF


The Contribution of Army Psychiatry to Morale and Leadership in World War 2

H Thomas de Burgh

THoM 2023; 3: 222-243. PDF


A British Perspective on Military Healthcare Ethics and War – Past, Present and Future

Martin CM Bricknell

THoM 2023; 3: 244-261. PDF


‘First Do No Harm’: Medics and Chaplains Working Together in the Twentieth and 21st Centuries

Linda Parker

THoM 2023; 3: 262-277. PDF


Researching Modern Military Medical History

Martin CM Bricknell and David Vassallo

THoM 2023; 3: 278-295. PDF



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